Up your happiness game today.


Maybe you're wondering if you really NEED to be happier. 

You're a do-er, a go getter, you like to be serious. I get it. 

There is a lot of heaviness in the world. I don't want you to think that doesn't matter.

But did you know there is a way to have hope in moments of despair?

See little cracks of light in walls of darkness?

This is not about putting a "happy" band-aid on real life. We are here to help you not get sucked into that mindset. 

Stop believing it can't change + be willing to see life get a little better. 

It's a muscle that, if you're like I was, you haven't spent a lot of time exercising. You've been busy dealing with the struggle, the addictions, the fears + the overwhelm. 

When we live in that space we create more of it. When it gets us down, we act like we're looking for joy but it ends up looking like TV, internet, video games, drinking, drugs or anything to disconnect us.

This is a way to do it different. Still be your heroic, strong self, but do with new possibilities. 

You have nothing to lose.